What's your biggest block to success?

Do you want to transform your fears into a vibrant confidence and make a blissful reality of your dream business, finally making money from your true calling? Are you frustrated that “The Secret” is not working for you? Just know that you're never limited by your circumstances, you're only ever limited by what you think is possible. We help you make your mindset shift, take a look at our programs for women entrepreneurs!

...be the conscious creator of your life!

I believe that we all have a purpose in our lives and that we have chosen our family, city, and country to develop our souls. And that all the challenges, successes, opportunities for growth, people, situations and experiences where there in your life to help you with that purpose. In your core, being your authentic self, you are completely calm, inspired and full of creative power. You have a piece of the Universal Power, of God, Source, Spirit, just name it, in you and you can create everything you want. Reset your mind and create miracles in your life and biz...

Who's your coach?

I am Lily Kentie-Uijterlinde based in The Netherlands. My job is to help you succeed in manifesting your success and releasing you from all your blocks and limiting beliefs which stand in between you and your dreams. To reset yourself to your core, authentic self from which place everything is possible. I work with ambitious and spiritual women entrepreneurs who want to play a bigger game and take their stage with their business and life, but are still too scared and blocked by fears.

With more than 15 years of experience in international sales, I started my own business in recruitment and coaching in 2009. In 2008, I'd discovered “The Secret” and I studied everything related to the Law of Attraction, spirituality, and Buddhism. I was full of trust and spirit that I'd make it soon as a very successful entrepreneur. Honestly, this took quite some years. I really didn’t understand what was blocking my success. Now that I've “cracked” the code, I just love to help you avoid throwing away your precious time and energy. Are you ready to receive your freedom, abundance, happiness and your success in your life? I invite you to start with the Free Mindset Masterclass. Knowledge is power! It starts all by being aware and by learning how your mind is working.

Our Reset Programs

Master your Mindset


A Practical FREE Masterclass about Mindset. Learn everything about your Subconscious Mind and why your Thoughts are your most Powerful Asset. GET IT HERE, IT’S FREE


Reset your Power


A Practical 5-Week Online Training to Manifest Your Desires, Boost Flow in Your Business and Create Magic with Your Mastermind Experience. LEARN MORE


Reset your Mind


A 7-week Mental Deep Dive Online Training to Release all your Blocks, Emotions, Stories and Obstacles as to Create Miracles in Your Life & Biz. MORE INFO



Reset your Life


Let’s make a Personal Deep Dive into your specific Blocks and create your Clear, Calm and Fruitful Mental Landscape to finally receive your Success and Abundance. BOOK YOUR FREE RESET CALL



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I love it to spend one morning per week coaching people with a less financial scope. If you are an attendee of a Food Bank in The Netherlands or around the world, you can apply for a series of 5 Skype coaching calls during a 3 months period to help you reset your vision back to success. Click here for more information.